Your Guide to Water Based Lube in 2017

So, you have found yourself facing a long list of lubes. So many brands and bottles. It may feel a little overwhelming. This guide will break down the different types of lubricants, so that you can find the best lube for you and your partner. If you are new to lubes, you will find that there are basically three types of lube: silicone based, oil based, and water based. Now, you are probably pretty confused. Let’s break them down.


Water based lube is our favorite and the most popular. What’s to love about water based lubrication? So many reasons! Let’s take a look.


Great for Everyone– this lube can be vegan approved, kosher, sugar-free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, fragrance free, paraben free, glycerin free, and even hormone free.


Better for condoms. Add a few drops of lube to reduce friction from a condom. This will make a better experience for you and your partner. Lubrication will also reduce the chance of the condom breaking due to friction. Water based lubricants don’t break down condoms like oil based lubes.


Better for Oral. There are many flavors available like strawberry, raspberry, coconut, and pineapple. Water based lubes are similar to flavored water.


More Gentle– Water based lubes are mostly made of water, which mimics your own natural lubrication. Many water based lubes are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and even fragrance free.



ID Frutopia natural lubricant– strawberry  is great for oral! This yummy strawberry flavor will make you want to stay down there longer. It is all-natural, vegan and sugar free. It is also latex condom compatible.

Try Astrogel Sensitive Skin Ultra Gentle Gel  if you have sensitive skin. It is free from irritating alcohol, fragrances, parabens, and glycerin. It is made with soothing botanical ingredients.

Swiss Navy Premium Water Based Lubricant  is latex condom compatible. This is a great option for a quick clean up. It is also non-staining. It is safe for toys too!

This is for our Vegan friends! Sliquid Naturals Sassy Lubricating Gel is 100% Vegan friendly. This is also glycerin free and paraben free. This formula is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Is it Kosher? Yes, it is! Chocolate cherry flavored lubricant is tasty, Kosher, and Vegan! It does not contain any petroleum, silicone, parabens, or any other harsh chemicals. It is pH balanced and does not leave any residue on your skin.  It isDEA free. Proudly made in the USA.


Moving on… Silicone based lubes. If you are planning to hit the pool for some sexy fun, silicone based lube is what you need. Since it is made with silicone molecules it will not absorb into your skin, which means it has staying power. Silicone based lubricants have a silky, slippery feel. The down side, it is not good for silicone toys. Over time it will break them down. It is Messy! That slippery feeling comes with a price. You could ruin sheets and fabric with this lube. Most of these lubes don’t taste very good. If you’re into oral, this is not for you.

Tom of Finland Silicone Based Lubricant is a fabulous choice for HOURS of slippery fun.

ID Velvet Silicone Based Lubricant offers luxurious friction free play that is long lasting.



Oil based lubes are long lasting. If you want a lube to last during a marathon session, this is a great choice. Like the silicone based lube, it has a silky feeling. If you need protection from a condom, do NOT use this. This is not the lube for you! It is not safe for latex condoms and can cause them rip and tear. Expect a longer clean-up for yourself, sheets, and toys. It is a messy lube.

Partner free play? Wicked sensual care collection was created for men. This lube is activated with motion and melts with the warmth of your body into a non-greasy liquid lube.


There are tons of options for lubes. The best fit for you depends on what you are using them for. When in doubt water-based is your go to. No worrying about this type of lube causing a condom to break. It is safe for toys. Safe for you. You never know what can happen in the bedroom.  You may think that your fun is just going to be you and your partner, but in the heat of the moment you may grab a toy. Will this lube damage my toy? Is this lube safe with condoms? Is it Vegan approved?  The last thing you want to do is stop and read a lube guide. Grab a water based lubricant, so that in that moment, you know that it’s ok to play with it.



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